Turbowinds project

Turbowinds project

Blade team

Cnc machined blade patterns undergoing final preparations before assembly

Wind Energy - Large Scale

Nick Barlow who heads up the Designcraft the team has worked in blade design and manufacture since the early eighties. At this time the first large scale blades were developed in the UK, for the Scottish firm Howdens.

Major projects since these early days and later with Designcraft include:

  • Design and manufacture of 20m flexible load shedding glass fibre blades for Wind Energy Group.
  • Tip brake development for NEG Micon designed prototyped tip brake for 31m blades ( 1.5 MW) using infused composite enclosures.
  • Development of electrically heated moulds for NEG- Micon. System is still in use today with several variants
  • Development of CNC machined patterns and infused moulds for NEG Micon and Vestas. Designcraft supervised the infusion of 8 large blade tools upto 59m and manufacture of patterns upto 49m.
  • Development infused blade root connections for Vestas and other unique blade technology concepts including the infusion of timber blade structures.
  • Production of 15 17m blades for Belgian customer Turbowinds for their 400kW machine.
  • Blade development and prototype blade technology for multi megawatt blades currently ongoing.