CNC Machining

Belotti 5 axis Machine FLA 4026


Designcraft has 2 large format CNC routers  specially designed for composite mould manufacture.
Machine Details:

Belotti  FLA4026       4.0 x 2.6 x 1.3m  5-axis CNC
Greda  Argo             3.0x1.5x0.5m      3- axis  CNC

Designcraft produce patterns, plugs, tools and moulds for large and small scale projects from 30cm test blade moulds for wind tunnel testing, up to 50m tools for full size blades, rowing boats, yachts and aerospace projects.

We machine in a variety of materials and have pioneered using a new material for tools for the wind energy industry that is very robust for frequent use. 


machining model board blade pattern


Materials that we machine include:

• EPS foam: the cheapest material but requires significant finishing work.
• Styrofoam : an improvement on EPS but still requires coating and finishing
• Laminated birch ply: this material has a very low CTE and is stable up to 90C. It makes very durable plugs and moulds at reasonable cost however still requires coating and finishing
• Polyurethane modelboard: More costly than the above with a higher CTE than plywood. A high standard finish can be achieved but processing temperatures must be kept below 60C.
• Epoxy modelboard: the ultimate tooling material and used on Aerospace and F1 projects. It combines a low CTE with high surface hardness and finish.
• Aluminium makes very robust direct tools when the shape and size permits. Ideal for production foil and fin moulds.


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